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I decided to start the occasional podcast here for everyone. For my first guest, I had the honor of speaking to indie horror scream queen, actress and director Jessica Cameron. Jessica and I talk about horror films, film making and her newest project, Truth or Dare.



I have a confession to make.  I love Katy Perry.  I know, funny to hear a guy my age say that, but I’m sure there are more of us than most will admit. I first heard her music a few  years ago, it was catchy, but I didn’t really know who she was or much about her.


Early in 2011, I was going through a lot. I was in the middle of an ugly divorce, my daughter was in another state with my ex and the ex was refusing to let her see me. It was one of the hardest and darkest times of my life. It was during that time I looked for whatever comfort I could find. Someone sent me a link to a video and said they thought it might cheer me up.  That video was Katy Perry’s Firework.  I had heard parts of the song before but had never heard the whole thing, nor did I know it was her. I have to say I was impressed with the song and it touched me in a way not many songs had. For about three minutes and twenty-eight seconds, the song made me feel better inside and gave me some hope over my situation. 

Then around March of 2011, I was dating Lori, who I’d met about a month or so before.  We had only been on a couple dates.  Our first real date was at a concert for Alyssa Bernal, another amazing singer who one day will give Katy Perry a run for her money.  Anyway, I saw Katy was going to be in Austin, TX in late July.  So I got tickets for Lori and myself for that show.  When July came by we went to the show and had a blast.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  It had been years since I’d been to a concert and that was a heavy metal concert. I feared this would be silly and boring. 

I was totally wrong. The show was amazing. Stunning visuals, lots of set changes, costume changes and interaction with the crowd. It was as if she was having this big party at her place and everyone there was invited. During one song, she had a bunch of fans come onto the stage and dance with her. At the end when she performed Firework, the song ended with a mini-indoor fireworks display. We had a blast and were sad when the show was over.

That said, you can see music has become a big part of our relationship. Especially Katy Perry and Alyssa Bernal. (I should do another blog just on Alyssa soon).  So onto the movie. We went today to see her movie Part of Me. It was the whole family; Lori, me, her two kids and my daughter. I have custody of my daughter over the summer, then she goes back to live with her mom. As we watched the film, it was great to see the impact Katy has had on many young people.

When I was a kid, I don’t remember anyone in pop culture or anywhere in general saying it was ok to be different, to stand out or do your own thing. It’s great for kids to hear at anytime, but seems even more so in this day and age with social media and all the other outlets. Now young people have someone successful to look up to who was different and played it her way and has been successful. This really hit home with me since my daughter has always struggled with some serious emotional issues. We don’t have any diagnosis yet, but she has always been socially awkward, quirky and sometimes just plain weird. Her own school teachers have lost patience with her in the past. In third grade her teacher told us there was nothing that could be done with her. Fact is she is a very sweet and happy little girl (age 12) who is often in her own little world and likes things most kids her age don’t care for. So seeing this point driven home in the movie really struck a chord with me and I found it encouraging both for my daughter, and for me as how I approach things with her. 

The film also shows Katy throughout her tour trying to hold her marriage together with Russel Brand. She would often take breaks off the tour and travel 3-4 days just to see him wherever he was at. It was interesting to note, he never flew across the world to see her. By the time things were ending for them, you could see how depressed she was. In one part, she was lying in bed just hours before a show crying her eyes out. She was crying all the way until she got onto the platform that lifted her onto stage. Right before she came on stage she wiped a tear away and began smiling as she appeared to the crowd. 

Now some might say she’s a drama queen, or that it was all fake and contrived, but I didn’t get that from her at all. Throughout the film, she seemed very real and genuine. On off days on the tour she would visit amusement parks or other local attractions. 

She also talked about her struggles to even get her first record out. She went through two other record labels before landing at one who believed in her. The previous two tried to wedge her into a package that she was not suited for. It was frustrating for her, and the execs. She finally got signed by Capital Records who trusted her song writing and music style and let her be her. We know what’s happened since then.

By the end of the film, she talked about how she had begun to accept things with her and Russel and how she focuses on the good things in her life. Once again, another good lesson for any of us. 

As far as behind the scenes documentary type films go, this was one of the best I’ve seen by far. It was real, honest, even sad at times, but also fun. There are several live performances, all in 3-D, which was of great quality as well. I was actually surprised at how real it was. Most celebrities wouldn’t want people to see them getting out of bed in the morning with no hair or makeup done, or on days they were feeling sick, sad or plain depressed. I think this is what has made Katy have such wide appeal. Unlike Lady GaGa or others who try to come across as some enigma. She comes across as this nice girl who wants to entertain and make people happy. I would say for the most part, she has accomplished this.