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Dark Exorcist in Paperback

For those of you who have been waiting, Dark Exorcist is now available in paperback. It’s only 8.99 on Amazon. If you’d like a signed copy, just send me an email at Thank you everyone! Just click on the photo to order.


34359_142358629109322_4447541_nPhoto courtesy Tom Welsh Photography

I decided to start the occasional podcast here for everyone. For my first guest, I had the honor of speaking to indie horror scream queen, actress and director Jessica Cameron. Jessica and I talk about horror films, film making and her newest project, Truth or Dare.


New Covers, New book

Posted: August 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Hey all, I’ve been neglecting the blog here lately. Still kind of debating how much I should keep this going. I’m not totally sure how much anyone actually reads this, but here are some things that have been happening lately.


Seems like I almost forgot I had a writing blog. I’ve been spending most of my time on my site and blog. Things have gone well. I wanted to post that book two in the Pastor Charlie trilogy are coming out next week. It is called Revenge of the Three. It will only be .99 cents for a little while at first. Hand of God will also be .99 cents, so grab both while you can for a good price.

I had been working on a demon possession story, which I am in love with. I feel like this might be the best thing I’ve ever written so far, but I’m stalled around halfway through. I have a new business I just started. I now do fitness and life coaching so I’ve been trying to get that up and running. 

Anyway, that is where I’ve been. I hope everyone finds this blog ok. I’ll try to update it more often.

Been quite an eventful week so I’m a little behind.  I finished my regular college classes for this term. So I will now have Monday and Wednesday night free to add to my training schedule.  This will give me four nights a week to train instead of just two. I’m sure I will see much more satisfactory results with the stepped up routine.

On Wednesday this past week, I went to the Dr. for a follow up. After being weighed and measured, I see I haven’t lost a single pound in the last month, but I’m down .8% body fat. While I wasn’t thrilled with this, still being over 300 lbs, at least I am making some kind of progress and some clothes are fitting better.  Once again, hopefully the stepped up routine will help.

In non fighting news, my book (yes I actually wrote a book lol) the Hand of God is now out in paperback through Vamptasy Publishing. I’m very excited an this looks great.  Please take the time to check it out and support a struggling artist/fighter (me) as I may need it for medical co-pays later.  You can find my book here, its also 2.50 in kindle format if you prefer that.

In class Thursday night, I did wrestling for the first hour, working on take downs and sprawls to avoid being taken down. Was a pretty good workout. I think being knocked down repeatedly tired me out faster than classes  usually do, as I was pretty wiped when we got done. After that it was just Damien and I for Muay Thai. Since we had both done wrestling just before, he took it easy on conditioning and we just worked technique. This was a really helpful class for me. We just went slow and walked through as many kicks, punches, knees and elbows as we could.  Also worked on some defending.

Muay Thai fighting is much much different than traditional boxing. I prefer the higher stance with raised hands as opposed to the lower, closed stances. Being a bigger guy, I feel I can make this work for me.  Not to mention it looks weird, so maybe I can gain a psychological edge over my opponent. So content wise, I felt this was one of my better classes. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to start putting it all together and things will become automatic.

Writing Horror is hard.

Well writing anything is hard, but horror more so.  Not so much the act of writing itself, at least not for me.  I’ve been such a big fan of Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, Clive Barker and others for so long, that it sort of comes natural to me.  I happen to enjoy death, chaos and mayhem, yet in a linear, orderly fashion.  I like to think of my books as controlled chaos.  You never know what is going to happen, and the good guys are bad and the bad guys are worse.  

I keep the gore to a minimum, but well placed.  I don’t care to read a bloody hack fest, but yet I want to know what is happening when things get ugly.  All of that said, once the final product is finished, re-written and edited, I feel as though I have just as good a product to put on the market as any horror novel put out by the NY big guys.  Now here is the fun part.

Horror isn’t all that popular these days.  Unless my protagonist is sixteen, has emotional issue or is involved in a love triangle, or all of the above, it’s hard to get so much as a review.  There are all sorts of sub-categories to horror now.  Paranormal romance, urban fantasy, etc.  I’m not even sure what “Urban Fantasy” means.  When I think of “fantasy” I think of Lord of the Rings or anything by Robert Jordan, usually involving swords, sorcery, and so forth.  Yet “Urban Fantasy” involves vampires, werewolves, and now in one book I recently read we have were-spiders and were-gorillas.  I wonder if there are were-duck-billed-platypus or were-chickens?  

As a result, when I first finished my book, the biggest advice I got from seasoned authors was to get as many reviews as possible.  Trouble is, the reviewers who get the most traffic either have a two year back log and aren’t accepting anymore, or they just don’t read horror.  Some have suggested I call it something else.  I could I suppose, but then my fear is the person will read it and feel I deceived them by telling them it was an Urban fantasy or something only to subject them to the horror my book contains.

It truly is horror.  There are all sorts of religious themes involving good and evil, God and Satan, my main character is extremely violent and he enters the supernatural world, he sees his own beliefs unravel before him.  As cruel as he is, the supernatural beings he encounters are much crueler.  There is no sexual tension in the story, there is no romance and not even the hint of anything warm and fuzzy.  Just a descent into darkness and chaos that keeps the reader guessing.

Now, I know there is a market and audience for this kind of thing.  I sort of feel like how heavy bands like Metallica must have felt during the hair band era.  The market is so full of fluff and redundancy, there are people out there desperately searching for something original and scary.  I just have to find them, and more importantly, get them to find me.