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Dark Exorcist in Paperback

For those of you who have been waiting, Dark Exorcist is now available in paperback. It’s only 8.99 on Amazon. If you’d like a signed copy, just send me an email at Thank you everyone! Just click on the photo to order.


Dark Exorcist Now Available!

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been absent. I wanted to let you all know that Dark Exorcist is now available on Kindle! This one is much more mainstream horror than my previous books. I hope you all enjoy!

Your favorite preacher and serial killer is back! Charlie is still trying to recover from his first encounter with a member of The Three. He has a new job and a potential girlfriend, but before he can get too comfortable, an even darker, more powerful member of The Three has come for him. If they have their way, Charlie will suffer for interfering with their plans. As if that isn’t enough, the FBI is investigating him and a drug cartel has mistaken him for a rival. Despite the odds, Charlie will stay in the fight for his sake, and the rest of humanity.

Cover Reveal for Revenge of the Three

Nicola Ormerod did it again, designing this amazing cover for Book 2 of the Pastor Charlie Series. Click on the photo to check out book 1.

2012 Was a strange year for me. Seems like in 2010, my life went on a downhill spiral when my store I owned went out of business. We proceeded to lose our house, are cars and one of our dogs. We moved to San Antonio, TX where a few months later we filed for divorce. 2011 stress continued with my ex taking off to Arizona with our daughter. Legal wranglings  ensued and during this time, I met my now wife Lori.

So in 2012, Lori and I got engaged, and then later married in July. I also got to spend the summer with my little girl. This was the most time I’d spent with her since before the divorce. We went to waterparks (a little one anyway). We spent a weekend at South Padre Island, went tubing on the river, among other adventures. It was fun to see her bond with her new step siblings.

Also in 2012, around March I released my book, The Hand of God. Sales were slow and dismal and it was hard to get anywhere in marketing. Since I worked full time, I was limited in time and funds to do the book justice. In June, Vamptasy Publishing offered me a contract, and I accepted. So they put the Hand of God out under their imprint. Sales did get a good bump at first, and then leveled off.

During the early fall, I initiated a custody case against my ex for custody of my daughter. This was for a variety of reasons. One of which was the fact she was dating a registered sex offender and knew about it, but didn’t see a problem with it. For several weeks in July and August, this had to be one of the most stressful times in my life.  After a couple of hearings, the judge decided that I did not meet the burden of proof to change custody. The hearings were only emergency hearings, not full hearings. So I had to show daughter was in immediate danger. Ex said she broke up with the pedophile, so the judge figured it was all better. The case then was transferred to Arizona, where it is still pending trial in March.

Another big thing happened in 2012. Since things went south in 2010, I began to suffer severe fatigue, depression and weight gain. By summer of 2012, I was just over 350 lbs. While tubing on the river with the kids, my tube got hung up on some rocks. Some college kids came drifting up and one of them said:

“Hey look guys, we got a beached whale up here!”

That set something off in my head. It was like someone flipped a switch. I was so angry at the time, I could hardly see straight. But I was more sad and depressed that what they were saying was true, and as much as they pissed me off, in my current physical condition, there was nothing I could do about it.

Over the next month or so, I began walking 20-30 minutes a day. Then I started swimming laps for 30-60 minutes a day. In a couple months’ time I lose around ten pounds.  I wanted to do something more. I’d looked into some high intensity workouts, including Cross Fit. Then I found Ohana Jiu Jitsu. I went there one day for a free class. I took their Muay Thai class.  I will say, it was hard as hell. We started out doing 100 jumping jacks, and I barely made it past 20. The instructors were all kind and supportive. After that class, I went back a few days later. That class nearly killed me. After 20 minutes, I was on the ground, puking and shaking. Fortunately, as my heart rate settled down, I was ok.

Over the next four months of 2012, I went to Muay Thai, Jiu jitsu and MMA classes. I began blogging my experience as well on my blog at I lost around 50 lbs during that time, though I’ve gained around ten back in December. I was out a couple weeks this month with bruised ribs, and then we only had class one or two nights a week over the holidays.

My wife has been very supportive during my training. I am now gearing up for an MMA fight hopefully in October 2013. Between now and then, I hope to compete in at least one Jiu Jitsu tournament and a smoker. A smoker is an exhibition Muay Thai fight where you wear regular boxing gloves, shin guards and head gear. All these things are to help me get ready for live competition. The key will be on if I can drop weight to at least 250 lbs. hopefully I can hit that by summer.

So, this has been a year that has been both exciting and sad at the same time. It seems the past few months’ things have turned around and I’ve managed to catch a few breaks. Hopefully 2013 will lead to some big things. I’m almost done with my second book, plus the MMA training and the new blog. For the first time in a few years, I’m not going into a new year surrounded by turmoil and uncertainty. I’m going in with anticipation and ready to do the work it takes to reach my goals. I know I can.

Been quite an eventful week so I’m a little behind.  I finished my regular college classes for this term. So I will now have Monday and Wednesday night free to add to my training schedule.  This will give me four nights a week to train instead of just two. I’m sure I will see much more satisfactory results with the stepped up routine.

On Wednesday this past week, I went to the Dr. for a follow up. After being weighed and measured, I see I haven’t lost a single pound in the last month, but I’m down .8% body fat. While I wasn’t thrilled with this, still being over 300 lbs, at least I am making some kind of progress and some clothes are fitting better.  Once again, hopefully the stepped up routine will help.

In non fighting news, my book (yes I actually wrote a book lol) the Hand of God is now out in paperback through Vamptasy Publishing. I’m very excited an this looks great.  Please take the time to check it out and support a struggling artist/fighter (me) as I may need it for medical co-pays later.  You can find my book here, its also 2.50 in kindle format if you prefer that.

In class Thursday night, I did wrestling for the first hour, working on take downs and sprawls to avoid being taken down. Was a pretty good workout. I think being knocked down repeatedly tired me out faster than classes  usually do, as I was pretty wiped when we got done. After that it was just Damien and I for Muay Thai. Since we had both done wrestling just before, he took it easy on conditioning and we just worked technique. This was a really helpful class for me. We just went slow and walked through as many kicks, punches, knees and elbows as we could.  Also worked on some defending.

Muay Thai fighting is much much different than traditional boxing. I prefer the higher stance with raised hands as opposed to the lower, closed stances. Being a bigger guy, I feel I can make this work for me.  Not to mention it looks weird, so maybe I can gain a psychological edge over my opponent. So content wise, I felt this was one of my better classes. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to start putting it all together and things will become automatic.