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Posted: August 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Hey all, I’ve been neglecting the blog here lately. Still kind of debating how much I should keep this going. I’m not totally sure how much anyone actually reads this, but here are some things that have been happening lately.

A few weeks ago I left Vamptasy Publishing. It was for business reasons and not without a tad bit of drama, but I got everything sorted out and am now and independent author again.

As a result, I needed new covers for both The Hand of God and Revenge of the Three, so here they are:



I personally like these much better. Sales have jumped since I’ve made the switch. I think the covers has a lot to do with it. I’ve also just finished another book called Dark Exorcist. This one is a stand alone, so has nothing to do with Pastor Charlie. Here is the synopsis for that:

Peter Roman is a police officer on what should be a typical disturbance call. He encounters a teenage girl who is anything but typical. Her level of strength and violence surpasses some of the strongest suspects he’s encountered.

Father Pierce is a hospital chaplain who despite his lack of belief in the supernatural, is forced to stare down the pure evil within the girl.

Father Dietrich Harlan is a seasoned priest and Vatican trained Exorcist who gets called in to save the young woman and restore order to the hospital.

In one night, these men will come face to face with a demon who reveals to them their own demons. How can a group of flawed individuals defeat a being so powerful? Only by defeating their own monsters will they survive the night.”

I should have the cover available to post this week sometime. I’m excited about this one, much different than my other work so far. It’s more of a raw, horror story than the other two.

Also coming up if you’re in the San Antonio area this fall, I’ll be attending Monster-con in Sept, and then Nightmare-con and Alamo City Comic Con, the last two weekends of October. So going to be busy and exciting. I’ll keep you all posted and try to be more diligent in bloggin.

  1. I read it! Glad to see your books are selling.

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