Change Your Body, Change Your Life

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

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From Fat to Fighter


When I was 18, I joined the Marine Corps. When after bootcamp and most of my enlistment, I weighed 185-190. I was in the greatest shape of my life at that point. Though most of it was due to all the running we did. I had very little upper body strength or muscle tone. Back then, I wasn’t the kind to spend hours at the gym on my own either.

Once I got out, I stayed at around 220-230 for most of the time. I’m 6’0 tall, so at that weight, I looked a little padded but not really fat. I would often gain 10-20 lbs over the winter, then burn it all off rather quickly over the summer. Once I turned 30 though, the weight didn’t come right off. I got frustrated and just quit trying. From there, my weight kept creeping up toward 300 lbs or more. I’d…

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