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A review I did on my Fat to Fighter Blog. Wanted to share is here as well.

From Fat to Fighter

This week I have a special post. I had the honor of reading and reviewing a book by Mr. Jules Aib.


Mr. Aib is an Aikido instructor who lives in Australia. He asked me to review his book, “The Secret Science of Combat Strategy”.


 I spent the past week and most of the weekend reading it, and I must say I am not disappointed.

Mr. Aib’s expertise is apparent from page one. He goes in great detail describing various strategies to use in any type of combat sport. Though his chosen art is Aikido, his techniques can be used in any form of fighting. One thing about his book that is also great is how he treats each art with great respect.

Among martial artists, there is often debate and competition over which art is superior. In Aib’s book, he doesn’t even go there. He utilizes fighting strategies that can…

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