Upcoming Events and Appearances

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Ok, this past few days has been pretty exciting. So far, I’ve been pretty dormant on events. That is about to change. This Thursday at 9PM EST, I will be participating in a live Spreecast with the author of the book, Warm Bodies, now a hit movie. It was #1 this weekend at the box office. The author’s name is Isaac Marion. There will be a LOT of giveaways there and prizes. I am personally including a signed copy of The Hand of God, a free ebook of The Hand of God and several Amazon gift cards. It will be a fun time, so please come check it out.

Then, the weekend of June 21st, I will have a booth at Texas Comicon 2013 in San Antonio. This will be a fun event. Last year there were over 7500 people in attendance. This year, so far the celebrity guests include Billy Dee Williams from Empire Strikes Back, and Margot Kidder from the original Superman films. There are more to be announced as the date approaches. This is an exciting and growing event, so mark your calenders!

Thank you to everyone who has been along with me on this ride. After almost a year since Hand of God was released, it’s been a bumpy ride. Things are finally starting to move forward. With my new publishers at Vamptasy/CHBB, they are committed to getting my books the attention they deserve, and its all because of every one of you.


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