Sample Chapter from Revenge of the Three

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Palau, Mexico


            Father Sandoval watched from the doorway as people filed into the small parish. He had been the priest there for ten years, knowing each of the families by name. There were only around one hundred members, so it was easy for him to remember everyone. As they filed in, he could see almost all his parishioners where there for the service. As they took their seats, he made his way to the front, taking his place at the altar. The entrance procession played as he walked toward the front. Upon reaching the altar, he turned to face the crowd and began the day’s mass.

            “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,” he spoke in Spanish as he crossed himself.

            “Amen,” the congregation responded while returning the gesture.

            As he began the Rite of Blessing, he sensed a warm and comforting presence. It wasn’t the first time he’d felt the presence of God during Mass. It was one of the things he loved about being a priest. The feeling was beautiful and warm; it was loving and secure.  It told him no harm would come to him, and that God was in control. He had only experienced it a few times, but each time it was amazing. This time, however, something was different.

            He continued the rite while scanning the church and saw a white mist filling the parish. The crowd was experiencing the same sensations that he was. They all had a look of euphoria on their faces, as if God himself was touching each of them. Father Sandoval knew what this was, it was a physical manifestation of the Holy Ghost.. There were times in scripture when it was referenced. The most notable instance of this is the first Pentacost in the book of Acts, shortly after Jesus’ death; but he’d never experienced it firsthand.

            The mist filled the church, swirling around them as the feelings of love and peace consumed them. If someone were to walk in right at that moment, they might think the congregation was high on drugs. It was something much more than that though, this was supernatural. Father Sandoval stopped the rite as the crowd began talking and murmuring amongst themselves. Some had started giggling, placing their hands over their mouths to stifle the noise due to the euphoria. Sandoval wasn’t sure what to do with this, as this part of the experience was new.

            He reached out to touch the mist and watched his hand sail right through it. It had no smell or taste as he closed his eyes and inhaled it deeply, taking in the presence of God. Feeling the Spirit filling him and becoming one with him produced a rush he didn’t want to end. His head began to swirl with the euphoria as he himself began to smile, then giggle quietly. He was over taken by a joy he’d never known existed.

            His eyes remained closed as he held his arms out to his sides, taking in the joy, the pleasure, the aroma of God.  He snapped out of his trance when there was a scream from the back of the church. Opening his eyes, he saw someone had collapsed. He thought of going back to check on him, but he didn’t want to break away from the high he was feeling. Perhaps someone had become overwhelmed with the sensations. Looking around, he saw no one had moved other than the woman sitting next to the man who’d collapsed, he couldn’t make out who due to the haze.

            Finally, Sandoval was able to snap out of the trance enough to walk to the back and check on the man. As he approached, he saw it was Juan Sanchez who had fallen. Juan was a middle aged man who had attended with his family for years. Juan’s wife, Camilla was trying to shake him as she looked up at the priest. Juan however, was not responding.

            “Father!  Help him! I don’t think he’s breathing!” she said. Father Sandoval knelt down, still feeling as if he were in a trance of sorts and checked for a pulse. As he did so, there was another scream. His head jerked around and saw several more people had collapsed. Standing and looking around, he saw the mist was no longer white, but had turned a dark, grayish color. People had snapped out of their euphoric states and were frantically attending to their fallen loved ones. As they did so, each of them succumbed to the mist, one by one. Some struggled a bit before they died, others just collapsed without another breath.

            Some started heading for the door, trying to reach the outside as if the mist were some toxic gas. None of them made it, however. One woman grabbed Father Sandoval’s robe and held his gaze as she fell.

            “Father, please! Help me! Please…” she said as she died in his arms. He lowered her to the ground, unable to save her. Now terrified, Father Sandoval could do nothing but watch as one by one his parishioners fell over dead right in front of him. He began to pray as the scene unfolded, helpless to do anything else.

            “Hail Mary, full of grace. Our Lord is with thee, blessed art thou among women,” he chanted as people around him screamed as their final breaths left them. The mist had turned completely black and filled the entire church. It was as if nightfall had filled the church. The bodies of men, women and children were lying about motionless, while others tugged at his leg crying out to him as they died. Sandoval couldn’t believe this thing was killing them. He had thought it might be a demon, but deep down he knew what it was.  It was the Holy Ghost himself that had come for them.

            “Why Lord, why?” he whispered as he went to his knees. There was a loud voice in his head that left him no doubt.

            “I am the Lord your God. The Day of the Lord is upon you,” the voice said as Father Sandoval took his last breath.


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