More Weird Dreams

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I’ve posted before about some strange and violent dreams I’ve had.  The other night I had the most bizarre yet.  I dreamt I was being executed.

I can’t remember any precursor in the dream or why I was being killed.  Just that I was in the morning execution chamber and being strapped to the table.  I remember I was really scared.. I’ve always said I don’t fear death,  but knowing it was coming and that I wouldn’t get up from that table was unsettling. 

As they strapped me down,  I closed my eyes and soon felt the needles go into my arms.  I kept wondering if I’d feel pain.  As it was I didn’t. As the drugs entered my body I felt a powerful heaviness.  While I had my eyes closed,  I suddenly couldn’t open them if I’d wanted.  My brain felt as if it were heavy as the rest of my body began to shut down.

I could literally feel myself slipping away as things got darker and my thoughts disappeared.  At some point in here I woke up and wondered where in the hell that came from.

I have no clue why I had such a dream or what it might mean.  I do hope I can use it to improve my writing. 

  1. Dreams of death usually mean dying to something in your life, an old self. A new rebirth. Perhaps, being a horror writer, some of the details play into it.

    • Tim Miller says:

      Someone on Facebook told me the same thing, but thinking it’s due to my martial arts training and weight loss. My mind and body are changing so my old self is dying.

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