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Last night at Muay Thai was a rough night.  I found myself gassing out rather quickly. My side started to hurt bad during warm ups and I just couldn’t catch my breath much after that.  I Have no idea why. The only thing I can think of is that this is the first week where I’ve gone every night. I previously had been doing Tues and Thursday, two hours a night.  This week I did 1 hr Muay THai on Monday, 1 hr MT and 1 hr No gi Jiu jitsu on tuesday and then 1 Hr Muay thai last night. So perhaps my body is adjusting to the more rigorous schedule.  Either way, I hate that feeling.

Today I went to get a mouth guard and was looking at rash guards. Rash guard is what you wear in no gi jiu jitsu. Its a tight, form fitting shirt that soaks up your sweat, the material breathes and protects your skin from mat burns and such.  Also keeps your opponent from getting caught in a baggy t-shirt.

I shopped around for over an hour and it was highly frustrating. I get it they are form fitting and most guys in these sports are very fit. But to manufacturers consider that there might be some heavier folks trying to get fit?  I found a sort of rash guard, it was one of those under armor stay cool shirts, very similar but lighter material. It kind of fit but looking at myself I’d be embarrassed to step out of the dressing room in that thing. Not to mention, rash guards aren’t supposed to ride or roll up on you, but this one did every time I lifted or move my arms around.

Needless to say, I’m back to feeling disgusted with myself. Despite all of the weight I’ve lost and progress I’ve made, I still have a long long long ways to go. Like I’m not even close. Just a sickening feeling after all the hard work I’ve done.  All the sweat and pain I’ve left on the mat, and my belly still sticks out so much I can’t even lift my knees to my head. It’s still a pain in the ass for me to buy clothes that fit. I’ve lost a lot of weight and body fat, but I was so bad off, what I’ve lost so far barely makes a dent in anything.  Just so frustrating.


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