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This week is the first week doing some things differently. Went to Muay Thai on Monday night, then last night went to Muay Thai and no gi jiu jitsu. Different instructor on Monday nights, so he was giving me some different tips vs. what Damien usually tells me.  Though he’d never seen me there before so probably doesn’t know what I know. There was quite a few people there though.  After warm ups, we mostly did pad work with a partner.  I worked with Curtis, he’s the fighter who worked with me like my second or third week of Muay thai. He said I looked much sharper than the last time he’d worked with me.  My technique is much better and I’m putting a lot more power into my punches. 

The other instructor had me lower my stance and move around with more of a shuffle as opposed to the high knees. I prefer the high knee movements. The high knee movements can camouflage your next move. When you pick your knee up each time, you could be going for a knee strike, front kick, roundhouse kick, there is no way to tell. So every time you take a step, your opponent will need to brace for something. Especially in MMA at my weight class. Most fighters use more of a boxing shuffle.  I could be wrong and as my skills develop I’ll keep trying out what works for me. So far I like how this feels.

After Muay Thai then did no gi jiu jitsu. I was really exhausted. I jumped in a little late so didn’t get much time during the first free roll.  We worked some techniques on submissions and passes. Once again, very complicated for someone my size to do some of these moves.  My legs only bend so far, and I can only get my knees so close to my head and rolling like that sometimes is just not going to happen.

During our last free roll session I Had some breakthroughs. Rolled with one guy, he was pretty decent sized and quite muscular. I held my own with him, mostly holding my own position as long as I Could.  He did get me to tap a few times, but not so bad. Then I rolled with two other guys and finally got them each to tap.  My first ever tapouts. They were smaller than me, but neither of them was a cream puff.  I got one from side control on like a reverse Kimura.  Then later with another guy, He was on top and I was exhausted, but when he shifted his weight wrong, I managed to roll him, get side control and choke him with my forearm to his throat. He quickly tapped once I applied it. I later rolled with a blue belt who could get me to tap in like ten seconds, but you win some you lose some.

There is a BJJ tourney coming to town in December, I am considering entering that one just to get used to competition and to see how I do in competition. I got Muay Thai tonight and then MT and BJJ tomorrow.  We’ll see how I feel after my first week of four day workouts instead of two.


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