Fat to Fighter–Thursday night

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

I didn’t make it to Jiu Jitsu this morning, I overslept and daughter was slow getting around.  So Thursday night, I went to Muay Thai as usual. Damien was sick so he didn’t make it.  I was hoping we’d do something, since today I finally bought some hand wraps and got some boxing gloves that fit. 

One of the gym’s fighters, Hunter was there, he said he’d work with me since he was there early anyway. So we worked with some pads for a bit.  My wrist felt pretty good, especially with the wraps.  It still hurt some when I did a right hook, even doing it correctly.  I don’t know if the hook is just that unnatural of a movement that its extra sensitive or what.  Even before the injury I wasn’t a fan of that strike.  I guess I like hitting straight on.  I’m left handed, so I love throwing that left cross; a left cross I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at. 

So after pads we did a round or so on the heavy bag working on that roundhouse kick.  I feel like I’m getting it.  Just have to toughen up my shins more so I can let it rip and get all my weight and power behind it.  Hunter said a guy my size will be crumpling people to the ground quickly if I can perfect that kick. After several reps on that, my shin did start to hurt, but we only did that for a round or two. 

After the heavy bag, we did the ground and pound drills on the ground bag. That is always good for a workout. Once that was done we did some jiu jitsu. Mostly I would get in his guard on top, and he would try and reverse it while I held my position.  I held my own pretty good for awhile, but he’s very tall and lanky, so was often able to work his way past me.

My crowning achievement was when we were practicing takedowns. We took turns attempting to take each other down.  He went first, but I did a good spawl, so he wasn’t able to get me down. I hadn’t sprawled like that since high school wrestling, so I even surprised myself. He later was able to get me on both takedowns and was able to sprawl away from me.  I did catch his leg, but then the buzzer went off for the end of the round.  Over all, not a bad showing compared to where I was just a few weeks ago.

It feels good seeing some of the basics come together along with my body starting to cooperate.  Some encouraging things Hunter told me was that he hasn’t been here since the first or second week I was there.  He said he can see I’ve lost a lot of weight, but he said over all, he said my arms look much bigger than they were weeks ago, plus the fact that I’m not able to go full rounds of training.  He was there the night of my puking.  So once again, it feels good that some of the fighters around the gym are seeing me train and taking note that I’m improving. 

My wife snapped a few pics of me while working with the pads.  I will post them here.  Not the best quality.  I still wish I could lose the belly faster, but here it is.  Stay tuned. Image


  1. Next time bring your fancy camera, LOL

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