From Fat to Fighter–Tuesday

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Went to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu this morning. I got my BJJ gi finally in the mail. It’s a Fuji Kassen brand. Supposed to be one of the top of the line brands, but I got a good deal on it on ebay. Went to train today and was all excited.  Once I put it on and began to work, all I can say is HOLY FUCKING HELL.  Even a “lightweight” gi like this one must have weighed 15-20 lbs. I get it, they have to be heavy with all the tugging and pulling so they don’t tear. But damn. Not only was it heavy, but it doesn’t breath. I was sucking wind a few minutes into techniques. So by the time we were live rolling, I was really gassed.

My wrist didn’t bother me at all during training. Though seemed like my partner during rolling focused more on chokes this time than arm bars.  Lucky me.  Jason, one of our instructors gave me some good pointers after the session. He said I’m too focused on rushing into a submission. He said first position, then submission. He said to get into a dominant position and said for now, just try to hold that position as long as I can.  Eventually other things will open up. My problem right now, is I get in a good position, then try to do something cute which usually lands me on my back or in an arm bar. Neither of which is desirable. So next time this will be my focus.

One fun thing today, was my daughter is here visiting this week so she came and watched me. She enjoyed watching her dad get his ass kicked though. After the session was over, I felt about 50 lbs lighter after removing the gi. I think it gained a few pounds from my sweat.  Frustrating knowing it will take more time to adjust to the gi, but I guess it will give me that much better of a work out.

Tonight Damien was back for Muay Thai.  We spent the first 15 minutes running circles around the mat and throwing in some calisthenics in between.  After that we did shadowboxing routines for several minutes, just working on our stances and techniques. Then we got on the bag and began working kicks.  We worked on the mother of all kicks in the martial arts world: The Thai Roundhouse kick.

Unlike other kicks in other martial arts, where you kick with the back of your foot or that are more snap kicks in nature.  The Thai roundhouse is done with your shin and you swing the kick as if you were hitting a baseball, with full follow through. The purpose of the kick is complete annihilation of whatever body part you are aiming your kick at.  There is no tapping or distraction about it.  When aimed at the head, it will usually knock the opponent’s eyes back into his skull.

So we spent the rest of class taking turns kicking the big bag with our shins.  I got some really good shots in, but it hurt like hell. The actual Thai fighters will condition their shins by kicking banana trees or other things, until the nerve endings in their shins die along with the calcifying of the bones.  In those cases, their shins become like clubs. Though Damien said they can still get pretty conditioned by working the heavy bag over time.  Needless to say, it was fun kicking it, even though it hurt toward the end. The best feeling is to get a good kick on it, know you landed it perfectly and watch the bag jump as you make contact.  Not a lot of kicks to learn in Muay Thai, but I think I would like to master this one.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”–Bruce Lee

  1. gabe reynaga says:

    Awesome Tim! Yes Jason says the same thing to all focus on position before submission. Try and move from position to position instead of holding on to one position too long ie pass guard to side control then to knee on belly then to mount. I know easier said then done. Keep up the good work, I wanna see u hit ur 1 year goal!

    • Tim Miller says:

      Thanks Gabe! Yeah, its funny how easy the stuff looks, then you go to do it and I end up in an arm bar lol. Hopefully I’ll adjust to the gi soon and get more weight off so I can have some better balance. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hilary says:

    yay! Sounds like the new gi is going to be a big help. I bet your little girl was giggling too watching her Dad. 😉

    PS Love the new blog layout.

    • Tim Miller says:

      thanks Hilary! Yeah, she had fun watching. She got to do the kids BJJ class tonight and had a blast. Thank you on the layout. I like it too. Looks a little simpler.

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