Fat to Fighter Injury Report

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Yes, it’s true. This week I had my first injury as a martial artist/MMA fighter trainee type. Tuesday’s sessions were fine. I was feeling tired and a little groggy. During Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I did some free rolling at the end of class, and commenced to getting my ass kicked.  BJJ is a tricky sport. So many things seem counter intuitive to what you would normally think you should do in a fight.  I guess that’s why its so effective. You end up on top of your opponent, and they have an arm exposed and you think you’ve got them. Next thing you know, you are on your stomach and being choked.  Either that or you end up in an arm bar. So its just a matter of me learning not to go for the obvious, and find the combinations that work to my advantage.

Tuesday night I practiced some wrestling moves with some of the gym’s regular fighters.  Alex “The Great” Hernandez who is about to have his first pro MMA fight was showing some takedowns. No, this wasn’t WWE style wrestling, but regular amateur style. I wrestled a few years in high school, so some of the moves are familiar. However, my body was not in complete cooperation with my memory. Good thing is, Alex was able to show my wasy to improvise on takedown techniques to compensate for my size.

After some time in wrestling, Gabe and I went and did two rounds on the heavy bag. Thursday I felt I did much better during BJJ. I still tapped each time, but I wasn’t gassing out as quickly, and actually came close to a few submissions of my own. Just couldn’t quite get the holds locked on right. Either way, felt good to make some progress and not be an automatic tap out to my partner. Also was nice to know I was at least giving him a workout, even though I didn’t know enough myself to beat him, he still had to work to beat me.

That evening, we did more wrestling moves. Found one takedown I really liked. I forget the name of it. For a big guy like me its about perfect. You shoot in, grab both legs low while pressing your forehead into the opponents mid section and just pull his legs to you while driving forward. He will end up flat on his back.  However, in an MMA match, I could end up in his guard, so something I will want to practice for sure.

Later, Armando worked with me on the pads. during pad work, I threw a right hook wrong. I do it right most of the time, but I got going with some quick combos and threw it the hook with my fist pointed down, instead of my thumb facing up. This bent my wrist at a funny angle and it hurt. Though that one didn’t hurt as much right away. It wasn’t until I threw some other combos when I was feeling it. Any right jab or uppercut sent a stab of pan through my right wrist so from there I had to go light. Part of the problem also was I hadn’t gotten myself any wrist wraps yet. Those might have prevented my wrist from tweaking so easily.

The good side is, I did four full 3 minute rounds on pads with Armando. Considering barely a month ago I was fainting and puking my guts out after half around on the pads, this is considerable improvement. Two of the rounds we did in a 6 minute stretch with no break. So my cardio is improving for sure.  My technique seems to be coming along as well. More than anything, I just need to keep pounding away at my mind and body and I will be in fighting shape in plenty of time.

Today though, my wrist was still throbbing, so I went to the doctor. X-rays were clear, so he suspects a mild sprain. He put in me in a wrist brace, said no bag or pad work for a week and if it still hurts next week, then to go see a hand surgeon since there may be tendon damage. I don’t think this is that serious. I can still roll and shadow box, just no direct punches. So I will do whatever to keep in shape and hopefully by next week I will be back at pounding the shit of whatever my trainers put in front of me. Image

  1. Hilary says:

    Owie!!! I hope it heals quickly!

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