Fat to Fighter

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

I lost track of which part I was on, so figured I’d just run with it today lol.  Did both classes on Tuesday, then BJJ yesterday and this morning.  Got Muay Thai tonight, though the regular instructor is off.  One of the fighters at the gym will be working with me tonight on “ground and pound” striking techniques. Should be fun. Tuesday, Curtis one of the fighters from the gym worked with me more on stances and punching combos. He was very encouraging also, telling me I’m picking things up quickly.  He said some people just cannot or do not get it no matter how much.  For me its just a matter of coordinating my footwork with my hands so its all in sync. The more I practice, the better I will be.

Was working with a different BJJ instructor this week, Gustavo. Jason’s wife had a baby, so he can’t teach for a bit. Congrats to him and his family. It was fun training with Gustavo. He teaches earlier in the morning and there are a few more people there. I kind of like this as there are other white belts to work with. And he lets us do some “Free rolling” at the end or sparring. Those are good reminders of how little I actually know, or how far I have to go yet to get into suitable condition. I was usually out of breath after a minute or so. Then later when I wasn’t out of breath so much, my arms were so fatigued, I couldn’t even grab onto anything. Still was good learning experience. Everyone there has told me again how well I move on the ground. Especially for a bigger guy. 

So after talking to one of the instructors this week, we have set a goal of October 2013 will be my first MMA fight. I thought it might be too soon, he said that was plenty of time. He is going to help me game plan a training schedule to prepare for it. I might do some BJJ competitions in the meantime just to work on competition without the risk of being hit. So its all getting rather exciting, though I know I have TONS of work to do.  Much of which will involve lots of pain, sweating and puking. 

Here are some progress pics for the first time. I had said I wasn’t going to do these, but I honestly have to say, I was surprised at what I saw in the mirror today. It wasn’t the silly, chubby guy who always felt like the fattest blob in the room, I can tell you that much.  


Here is me from about a year ago: Image



This is me today, this shirt I’m wearing was so tight a couple months ago, I couldn’t even pull it past my shoulders. 



Unlike prior weight loss attempts, I don’t feel like I’m just losing weight or getting thin. I can feel and see where I’m developing muscle. My whole body feels like it is changing shape for the better. Hopefully for good.

  1. Hilary says:

    Great job Sandman! 😉 It looks and sounds like you’re doing so well.

  2. Doreen foust says:

    You look amazing! Very proud of you. you look leaner and meaner. 🙂 In a good way!

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