Fat to Fighter side note

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I wanted to take a minute to mention something as I go along this
journey. I don’t want it to come out later that people think I
cheated. To explain this, there is a little background.

Almost two years ago, I was suffering from severe anxiety as well as
bouts of depression and mild fatigue. After a few trips to some
different doctors, I was put on an anti-depressant. It worked great on
the anxiety and depression and as far as moods went, I felt so much
better. However, the fatigue began getting worse. A lot worse.
Weight started packing on, over a six month period; I packed on
upwards of 60-80 lbs. On my days off, after something as simple as
walking outside to get mail, I’d fall asleep for 3-6 hours. I had
trouble waking up in the mornings. The mildest activity tired me out
beyond belief. I was also having trouble staying awake at work. In
addition to all this, my man parts weren’t working so well either. By
this point, I was so fat, I could hardly find the thing, but it was
almost numb to the point of uselessness.

So back to the doctors I go. Finally I found a doc who ran some blood
tests and discovered I had low testosterone. Really low. At 38 years
old, he said my “T” was low for a 68 year old man, let alone 38. So he
placed me on some androgel packets. It took FOREVER for the stuff to
have any effect. He had to double my dosage finally before it began to
work. Also amidst these tests, we discovered I had high blood pressure
and sleep apnea. Both probably due to my weight and all three
afflictions affecting my tiredness. Wife had noticed for awhile that I
was snoring louder and louder at night, shifting a lot in my sleep and
at times would stop breathing completely before jumping awake.
The high blood pressure meds however, caused even more sleepiness; to
the point I was falling asleep at work and had gotten in trouble over
it. So back to the doctor I go. This time he gives me Nuvigil, which
is for people with sleep disorders to help stay awake. It worked
great, and still does work.

With the renewed energy, I started working out again, as mentioned
previously and have gotten to where I am now. I stopped the blood
pressure meds and nuvigil for a bit to see where I was at, but
everything was still rather high, so I went back on it.
In order to help my body develop lean muscle and burn fat more
efficiently, I was prescribed HGH or Human growth hormone in addition
to the androgel. With this, you administer shots to yourself for two
weeks, then stop for two week, then give shots again. You do this for
a minimum of three months, six months max. Not sure if I will be able
to go more than a month as the stuff is a bit pricey, but we’ll see
what kind of results I get.

I wanted to share this, since testosterone replacement therapy and HGH
are controversial in sports and fitness circles. There is a lot of
misconceptions by younger folks that this is something used to “make
you 20 again.” Problem for me was, I didn’t want to feel 20, I just
wanted to feel 38 instead of 70. Not too much to ask I don’t think.
After 35, men’s bodies begin producing less and less. For me, for
whatever reason, the levels dropped and pretty rapid rates. Enough to
wear me out and balloon me out to almost 340-350 lbs.

So since I’m sharing this journey, I didn’t want anyone to think that
I cheated by using such substances. All of these are prescribed to me
and being used under the supervision of a physician. I don’t want to
be like some of the trainers you see on biggest loser who say how they
worked hard to get fit, only to find out they had a surgery or used
HGH or both or whatever. Since HGH is a banned substance by most pro
sports, as well as the US and International Olympic committees, there
are a lot of preconceived ideas about it.

My use of these things is limited to getting my body back on track.
The androgel I will probably always be on, just to maintain normal
testosterone levels, which will prevent a grocery list of health
problems. The sleep apnea is already beginning to fade. I don’t snore
as much or stop breathing like I was before. I hope to only get better
from here.  You all are welcome to draw your own opinions on the


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