Fat to Fighter part 4

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Not much to report this week. I wasn’t able to train. I went to
Arizona on Tuesday and Wednesday to meet with my attorney regarding my
custody situation, then spent the evening with my little girl, who I
hadn’t seen in a few months.  So it was a nice couple of days, except
for the travel parts.

Traveling isn’t good on the body. I ate like crap most the trip, just
grabbing whatever was available. Never had time or a place to exercise
really, so by the time I got back, I felt like a fat blob.  Thursday I
was going to go to both classes, but found out later that the BJJ
instructor’s wife had her baby. So no noon classes for a few weeks,
but good for them. then I  had a large cyst cut off the top of my head
on Thursday morning. Due to the gaping hole in my head, I decided to
sit it out that day. I also had to shave my head as a result, that or
walk around with a huge bandage wrapped around it.

So I’ve had to make due with whatever exercise I can get. My cubby
mate at work has an 8 lbs kettle bell weight at her desk. I been using
it over the weekend to do curls, over head lifts, shoulder presses,
extensions, whatever I can do, and it has made a difference. My arms
felt like jell-o after the work day yesterday. That and I try and take
the stairs when I come in to work, usually 8 to 10 flights depending
where I park. So at least I’m getting something.

One thing I’m realizing as I take Muay Thai especially is that in my
upper body, despite my lack of muscle previously, I have a lot of raw
power. I think I mentioned this before, but it is still shocking to me
when I hit the bag and watch scoot along its track almost the length
of the room. For some reason, at some point during my adult life, I’ve
allowed the weaklings to convince me that I’m not strong; but that I’m
weak, fat, and pathetic. Well I feel like I’m waking up finally after
a long, long sleep and barely touching the surface of what I am truly
capable of. I’m going to enjoy learning what else I’ve got in the


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