Fat to Fighter Part 2

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today I started my first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class. I did that at noon, then came back in the evening for Muay Thai. A good day of workouts. The class went pretty well.  We started off doing some drills on the floor.  We did those for 20 minutes and then worked on some holds.

The first one we did was the arm bar, or sometimes called the arm breaker.  I don’t even know how to begin to describe it. When your opponent is over you and you’re on your back, and he grabs your “Gi” or shirt or whatever, by grabbing his wrist and pulling it forward, then grabbing his elbow with your other arm, still pulling forward while placing your foot on his hip and pushing yourself to the side, then put one leg over the back of his head, the other over his shoulder, then raise your hips. About the time you get your hips raised, he will be tapping.  I was surprised that I picked it up rather quickly, at least going to my left. Going to the right was a bit trickier.

The first time, I felt bad though, I locked the arm bar on, and the instructor was explaining something about the hold. I was oblivious to my partner who was tapping on my leg with his other hand.  Suddenly his taps got faster and harder, so I let go, apologizing profusely. He said he was ok, and we were good.

We worked on that back and forth for several minutes, then we worked on counters to the arm bar.  We did that for awhile then it was time for a water break. By then, I was pretty exhausted. I sat down for a bit and felt my heart thumping through my chest again and the lightheadedness coming back like from last Thursday.  Now, I ate a small breakfast. I didn’t want to eat too much that I make myself sick again, but I might have ate too little too.  By this point in the class we’d finished 45 minutes of an hour long class. I told the instructor I was done for the moment. I’d learned my limit and didn’t want to go past it again. He was cool about it and we talked a bit, once again he was very encouraging.  I should mention the BJJ instructor is also the owner of the Dojo.

So I went home, had lunch with wife, rested the afternoon and then headed back in the evening for Muay Thai class. I got there a couple minutes late, but no one seemed to notice. There were more people there this time, probably 6 guys total.  One was brand new like I was a few weeks ago.  It was a younger kid, around 20 or so maybe. He was tall, skinny and lanky and looked scared out of his mind. One thing I felt kind of good about is that I had less trouble with some of the techniques than previously. 

I think the instructor was easier on us this week, because it wasn’t as intense as the last few classes had been. It might have been because of the new guy, not sure. We mostly worked on stances and punching combinations by doing drills. After that, me and new guy worked on front push kicks on the bag. Still was a good workout all together.

I felt good having done two in one day and feeling fine after.  Fine = not fainting or puking. I like to think I might be getting in better shape already, but part of me says it’s too early to notice an actual difference. We’ll see in the next few weeks. Tomorrow I just have BJJ at noon, then will do the two classes again on Thursdays. Because of my work schedule, I can’t go on Friday-Monday, so I try to get what I can out of my days off.  


  1. Emmie Mears says:

    I love this. That’s why I started ZAP — to celebrate the strength I have and improve it. I really want to learn Karate, but don’t have the funds at the moment. However, I’m working on building strength and endurance for the time being. Six months ago, you couldn’t have paid me to run a mile. Now I run 5K at least three times per week.

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