Posers, Fakes and Cheats: Publishing’s Version of Doping

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

So after reading several articles recently, about John Locke and other “successful” self  publishers, it would seem John Locke has become the Lance Armstrong or Barry Bonds of self publishing.  He admitted to having bought dozens of reviews.  He went so far as to pay reviewers to purchase his books from Amazon so they would get the “verified purchase” tag.

Is it just me, or is this chicken shit in its highest form?  I released my book as an indie book back in March, by June, Vamptasy publishing offered me a humble but fair contract so I accepted. Neither set of sales have been stellar.  Hell, when the book was free it was hard to get downloaded.  Even at .99 I had to almost beg for people to buy it.  At 4.99 it may as well be 499.99. Not moving at all.  Granted, I’ve been distracted past few months with some personal issues.  Though I’ve had several good reviews on some blogs with decent traffic, none of which I paid for mind you; I’m lucky if I sell a single copy after all that traffic and exposure. It’s just so hard.  There are so many authors and so many books.  Many readers like myself are incredibly busy and already have a kindle loaded with six months worth of books.

But still, this whole thing really sickens me.  The industry has held these clowns up as some kind of proverbial Messiah’s who write more books and articles on how to be successful at self publishing.  That’s like Barry Bonds writing a book on how to hit 700 home runs.  It’s all bullshit.  Indie publishers were just starting to get a tiny bit of credibility, but now that these douche licks are exposed, it’s going to be even harder.  People won’t take the reviews we do get seriously.

I have 17 reviews currently, all of which are actual people, maybe one or two are someone who I know, but they went and bought the book on their own.  Others I gifted them copies of my book in return for a review. Not exactly “buying” the review.  Some reviews never got done, but I left it at that.  Even so, with the reviews I have, people would tell me that they must be just friends and family members who reviewed it. Now, who knows what they will say.

I wonder if Amazon can put an asterisk* next to these titles of the cheats so we know who has all the fake reviews.  The excuse that “everyone is doing it” is bullshit too. I’m sorry, I want to be a full time, successful author as much as anyone, but I kind of like to be able to look at myself in the mirror at night.  I can’t imagine buying 1000 fake reviews and boosting my sales by paying people to buy my books.  So I LOOK like some big shot super star, when in reality I’m my own biggest fan.  What a joke and it makes me sick.

I’d say burn their books, but they’re ebooks.  Maybe we can have an ebook deleting party.  Not gonna burn my kindle.  Well I don’t have a kindle, I have a 10″ tablet, definitely not going to burn that.  Either way, I never bought any of Locke’s books even when we thought he was for real.  I read a sample of it and I thought ti sucked.  Couldn’t figure out how he sold so many other than selling it for .99 right when the ebook ship had begun to sale.  It wasn’t even timing for him.

Oh well, I had to get this all off my chest.  Feel free to leave comments.  That is all.


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