Deadly Indifference

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Many of you have been following my not so fun adventures of finding out why a registered sex offender from Colorado who has active felony warrants in that state, cannot be arrested.  For those of you just joining, to paraphrase, the guy has warrants out of Colorado for not registering, but he’s in Arizona now.  The authorities there and here in Texas where he just was visiting know about it, but Colorado refuses to extradite, so he remains on the loose.

To see my previous steps in this process you can read my previous two blogs.  Today I contacted the Denver Post and spoke to the Chief Editor of Investigations. She was kind enough to talk to me for a half hour or so.  I explained to her the whole situation and what she told me was one of the most disturbing things I have heard yet.

She said they’ve done numerous stories like this in the past, apparently Colorado rarely if ever extradites any criminals who are detained out of state, for anything, ever.  She said in one story they did, a guy had a warrant for murder out of Colorado, was on a traffic stop in another state, but Colorado authorities didn’t want to pay to bring him back so he was let go. She said it boils down completely to money. I doubt that it isn’t because they don’t have the money.  I figure that money is lining someone else’s pocket who doesn’t want to give it up.

So that is where I am with this.  It’s nothing new, everyone in the state there knows what is going on, but no one in authority cares.  I’m sure at some point, some politician’s kid will get murdered by one of these douchebags, and then they’ll become the top extradition state in the country.  Until then, keep your eyes open and constantly on your kids. 


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