Passing the Buck

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Many of you read my previous blog on the email I sent to the Colorado AG about not extraditing sex offenders with warrants from out of state. I got the following email from the AG’s office today:


Regrettably, we do not have jurisdiction in matters concerning sex offender issues. Therefore, we are referring your question to the Department of Public Safety.  If you wish to contact them directly their address and phone number is: Colorado Department of Public Safety, 700 Kipling Street, Suite 1000, Denver, CO 80215-5865;(303) 230-4400.


The Attorney General’s Office is neither authorized nor allocated the resources to provide legal advice, or counsel to private citizens. As chief legal counsel to state government, the Attorney General is responsible for protecting the public interest, but does not serve as legal counsel or advisor to individual citizens. Additionally, we are not authorized by law to involve this office in individual cases.


We suggest contacting a private attorney through the local bar association or one of the legal services in your community, who may provide free legal advice regarding your particular concerns.


You may also go online to  to look up the Colorado Revised Statues.  Once on the page look to the left under “resources” and you will see the C.R.S. for you to look up. If you have trouble looking them up you may call the Colorado Legislative Office to help you look them up.  They cannot interpret the law but only help you locate the appropriate statutes.  Their phone contact is: (303) 866-2045.


We regret we cannot be of further assistance to you.


It should be noted when I called that number, they said it was not a valid number.  I replied to the AG’s office asking exactly to whom in the DPS did they forward it to but have yet to get a reply.  I encourage everyone to contact both the Colorado AG and Colorado DPS and demand to know why they are unleashing these predators into the rest of the country and refusing to bring them to justice.  This borders on criminal behavior in my book. Stay tuned.


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