Sex Offender Registry Asleep at the Wheel

Posted: August 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

I ask that as many people read this and pass this on to your law makers as possible.  I don’t do this to be alarmist, but to show there is a real problem out there and most people don’t even realize it.  This is a letter I sent to the Colorado Attorney General and to my local Congressman. I ask that anyone who reads this please do the same.  Thank you for taking the time to read. 

Dear Mr. Attorney General

I am writing with concern to the inconsistencies regarding the Colorado sex offender registry and its enforcement. I am the father of a beautiful little girl.  Her name is Ashley and she is twelve years old.  I am divorced from Ashley’s mother, and the two of them live in Arizona.  I live in San Antonio Texas.  Recently I was involved in a custody battle with Ashley’s mother.  A big part of this battle was over her current boyfriend, a man named Scott Raymond Robidoux.  As you can see by this link: 
Mr. Robidoux is a registered sex offender. In the state of Florida in 1999, he was convicted of sexual relations with a 16/17 year old girl; per Florida statutes he is required to register as a sex offender for life.  He had lived in Colorado for a few years, but had failed to register as a sex offender.  After Colorado he moved to Arizona (where he is also not registered).
Once I found out all of this information, I filed for custody of my daughter in the state of Texas, who at the time had continuing jurisdiction in our case. My ex wife and daughter’s mother showed up to court with Scott Robidoux during the hearing. My attorney had the bailiff check Mr. Robidoux for warrants.  He had two felony warrants.  One was out of Florida for violation of a restraining order, the other was out of Colorado for Failing to register as a sex offender, also a felony.  However, both Florida and Colorado refused extradition, so San Antonio authorities were not able to hold him.
My ex wife also testified that they were pulled over on the way to Texas, and the officer there told them about the warrant in Colorado but their refusal to extradite.
Mr. Attorney General, this is my concern and my fear.  You have a man who is an obvious sexual predator who is roaming about the country completely unchecked. He is so brazen as to walk into a court house full of police officers, knowing no one will do anything to him because he knows Colorado will not enforce it’s own warrant unless he is in the state of Colorado itself.  So my question is, what is the purpose of these registries if they have no teeth? A predator fails to register, so he just flees to another jurisdiction unabated.
I hope sir that this is not a way for your state to “take out the trash” so to speak and figure as long as these monsters aren’t in your back yard, they are no longer your problem.  As a result of the custody hearing, I still lost since the judge felt sorry for my ex wife, but she was required to no longer see Mr. Robidoux, and to also take out a restraining order on him.  The judge also filed an injunction on him ordering him no where near my daughter. I shudder to think of what may have happened had I not found out about this and took action.
So what happens when one of these monsters is in the presence of law enforcement in another state, but Colorado refuses to extradite, and then said monster goes and abuses another child?  Do you feel your state has somehow washed it’s hands of this person just because they crossed state lines?  Is the reason for this to save money in extradition hearings, and transportation costs?  Mr. Attorney General, how much in these expenses would your own child be worth?  Is it not your job to uphold the laws of your state, even if that offender has left state lines?  I believe the officials at Penn State also believed Mr. Sandusky was no longer their problem once he retired.  We have seen not only how badly they were mistaken, but how much suffering that line of thinking has caused.
I respectfully ask you sir, please look into this practice going on in your state.  Please review your sex offender registry and what your state is doing to enforce the registry itself, and bring the men to justice who violate it, no matter what state they have fled to. You have the power to do this, and as an officer of the court, the law and the state, it is also your duty.  What if not every father is as quick as I was in spotting such men.
Thank you for your time.
Respectfully submitted,
Timothy Miller
  1. Holly Michael says:

    Wow Tim. Hope you got custody.

  2. Tim Miller says:

    Thanks Holly, but I did not. I posted all the updates on face book as to what happened.

  3. johm semore says:

    Jami is now seeing a felon from Arizona named colt lemoi. Not his real first name, but he uses that name on facebook

  4. Tim Miller says:

    you know what his real name is?

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