Indie Authors vs. Traditional Authors part 2: When you’re doing good enough

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve gotten some good feedback on this blog the other day.  The twitterverse is still abuzz with the topic. In the middle of all this, I had gotten some interesting emails.  Well, one interesting email but it spoke volumes.

Over the past few weeks, I went ahead and submitted The Hand of God to some small/medium sized publishing houses. I figured I could use the help with marketing if they offered any, and would save me money later in the series with things such as cover design.

So the other day I get an email from one well respected small press. They told me that they really liked my book, and the fact that I have an active blog and and am avid twitterer/tweeter/whatever the proper term here is. However, they said my book was already self published and had established some excellent reviews on amazon and throughout some blogs.  My sales ranking on amazon while not record breaking, isn’t too bad either. And they loved my cover. Her only suggestion was having an editor go over the book and clean up some of the formatting issues. 

So in other words, they wouldn’t have minded publishing it, but I seem to be doing just as much and as good on my own as they would if they published it themselves. The kicker was the fact that I would have to pull it, and it would take them 6-12 months to re-release it. So among all this talk about indie vs. traditional publishing, this helped me feel confident that I’m doing the right thing by being Indie.  I’ve apparently learned enough and made enough connections to help me get the book looking every bit as professional as any traditionally published book out there.

So once again, it comes back to my own personal drive and marketing budget or abilities. I learned from having my own business that throwing money into marketing isn’t always the best way. When I had my cell phone store years ago, I learned that the hard way.  Ad space can be costly and you can burn through cash quick if it isn’t well placed. So far, word of mouth and just making one on one connections has been my best marketing. Hopefully those connections will start to take hold soon and readers will start to pick up the book on their own.

Anyway, I just thought that odd rejection this week would give us all something else to think about when it comes to how we choose to publish.  Feel free to continue the discussion here as its been informative for a lot of folks.

  1. KG Arndell says:

    Congratulations, Tim. Looks like you’re on the right track. Keep up the good work!

  2. Marketing is a long hard slog, so keep at it. The small press route is not guarenteed and they will only do a limited marketing job. A personal touch is always best.

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