Holograms, Zombies and Dead People

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ok, so all the rage this past week has been the big Tupac hologram at the Coachella festival.  Looked real, lifelike and all sorts of cool stuff.  This might seem contradictory, but even as a horror writer, I found this a bit creepy.  Especially since after being dead for fifteen years, Tupac was still in better shape than I am.

So this hologram thing has lead to all sorts of discussion and ideas in the media.  I read one interview with Michael Jackson’s mother.  She stated that they are considering a world tour with the Jackson brothers, and including a hologram of MJ.  There has been talk of the Tupac hologram joining Snoop and Dre on tour.  What will all this lead to?

Perhaps musicians can hologram themselves while still alive and perform shows in ten cities at once!  We could hologram Elvis, or Jim Morrison and Johnny Cash.  Not only hologram them, but put them in a band together and send them on tour!  

The problem with bringing back dead artists though leads to a few other issues.  For one, what happens to new music?  There are a lot of young, talented artists out there waiting to be discovered.  How will that happen if we keep resurrecting an recycling the dead ones?  One of my friends, Alyssa Bernal, is one of the most amazing singers ever to walk the earth, yet she is still waiting for her big break.  She has a hard enough time competing against the living artists out there; let alone bringing back the dead ones.

Ultimately this will all backfire on us.  Sky-net will go online and it won’t be the machines taking over, it will be the dead celebrity holograms.  The true zombie apocalypse won’t be the dead rising from their graves, it will be the dead we brought back ourselves in the form of walking, singing, talking, 3D video games.  When George Romero said the dead will walk the earth, he wasn’t talking about walking corpses, he was talking about the dead people holograms becoming self-aware.    And that my friends, will be the end of the world as we know it.  No need to fear though, we can all come back as holograms.

  1. Tammy Salyer says:

    The Holo-Zomb-Pocalypse, where science fiction and horror meet. The real question is, after Sky Net takes over, will there be zombie Terminators?

  2. Damn it, lost my first comment!

    Never mind SkyNet I am irresistibly reminded of a Brit comedy program called Red Dwarf where the only hologram they could bring back to like after all the Spaceship support systems failed was an exceptionally annoying guy called Rimmer, whose name reflected his nature. The US made a version I think called HomeBoys in Space, which failed dismally as it deserved too for that title. Anyway, back on topic, I found Tupac a little too freaky for me, can we please keep that thing to books? But if we get holograms of ourselves, can we choose the stage of life when we have them made? I want the body of my 20s with the experience of now please!

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