Interview with Pastor Charlie Sims

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Tim: Today I was able to sit down with Pastor Charlie Sims, the main character from my book, The Hand of God.  Charlie is not your typical pastor.  He has a rather unique calling and even more unique way of dealing with those he sees as “sinners.”  Pastor, thank you for joining us today.

Charlie: Thanks Tim,  It’s a pleasure to step outside of your head for a bit to see what the real world is like.

Tim: So Charlie, in the book, it tells us when and where you first got your calling.  It was at a rather young age.  Has it ever affected you mentally to be involved in so much violence at such a young age?

Charlie:  Good question, but not at all.  I knew it was what God wanted for me at the time.  Plus you figure, David was just a boy when he killed Goliath and then cut off his head. 

Tim:  True, but you seem to get some enjoyment from it.

Charlie:  Maybe a little.  I mean, if you have work you have to do, may as well have fun with it.

Tim: So what was the closest you had ever come to being caught by authorities?

Charlie: Well, besides the incident in the book, there was a deal a few years ago.  I was in a bit of a hurry getting to the “Chapel” and I rolled through a stop sign.  Just as the cop stopped me, the guy I had in the back of my Tahoe had come to, and began thumping around.

Tim: Wow, that sounds intense.

Charlie: Yeah, it was.  I was worried I’d have to kill the cop too. Fortunately before he could get too nosy, he got an emergency call and had to let me go.  

Tim: Wait a minute, you mean you’d have just up and killed a police officer, just like that?

Charlie:  Well yeah, if he interferes with God’s work.  I would take out anyone who keeps me from carrying out my purpose.

Tim: You know, a lot of people would say you have a warped view of God.  That God is a God of love, not judgement.

Charlie:  No judgement huh?  Read most of the Old Testament.  God is constantly sending Israel to slaughter pagan countries.  Then don’t even get me started on Revelation.  There are dragons, flaming chariots, rivers of blood.  Yeah you’re right, lots of love there.

Tim: Ok, point taken.  In Hand of God, you take quite a beating I noticed.

Charlie:  Yes, I do.  Fortunately, I’m a durable fellow.  So I can take a pounding and keep on going.  As you saw in the book, it didn’t stop me, just slowed me down a bit.

Tim: What can you tell us about your adventures in book two, Ghost in the Desert?

Charlie: Well, I take even more beatings, and more severe ones.  That and I make a few additional enemies in this one, and I might actually make a real friend or two.  Lots of firsts for me so far.

Tim: Well that’s great.  We look forward to hearing more from you.  Thank you for joining us!

Charlie: Thank you Tim.  Back into your head I go! 

  1. parkercpa says:

    Religious crazies make the scariest crazies…bar none. Looks like the makings of a good story.

  2. Tim Miller says:

    lol, true indeed. Thank you for commenting.

  3. Tim Miller says:

    oh and let me know how to contact you for your free ebook

  4. Jen says:

    Interesting interview. And he is right about Revelations, scary book.

  5. Tim Miller says:

    Thank you Jen for sharing. Let me know where you’d like me to send your ebook

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