Guest Author Christine Nolfi

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today we are honored to have the wonderful and talented author Christine Nolfi as a guest blogger.   

Christine’sdebut novel, Treasure Me enjoys a 97% approval rating onGoodReads and many 4- and 5-star reviews on Amazon, including a 5-star ratingfrom Amazon Top Reviewer Betty Dravis. Her next release, The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge, will be available in March.
When you decided toIndie Publish, what was your first step in the process?
I didn’tstart out as your typical Indie novelist. I spent several years working withliterary agents. Both Random House and NAL expressed interest in my novels.When an offer never materialized, my critique partners urged me to go Indie tobuild my own readership.
Goingin, I knew my debut must stand head and shoulders above many of theindependently published books flooding the market. Treasure Me was heavily edited and flawlessly proofed. The plot wasfast-paced and amusing. The eBook went live in late April 2011 and Iimmediately began querying book blogs for review. Those great reviews posted onAmazon, GoodReads and FaceBook drove sales.
Are your booksavailable in print? If so, how did you select a printer for the hard copies?
Thepaperback of Treasure Me didn’t hitthe shelves until November 2011 for the simple reason that I was busy sellingmy house in Ohio and moving to new digs in South Carolina. Now that I’vesettled in, the process is more organized. I’ll release the paperback versionof Tree of Everlasting Knowledge aweek after the eBook goes live. All of my upcoming novels will probably appearin tandem—eBook and paperback—to ensure a wider readership and allow forsubmission to national and international contests.
Whobuilds my paperbacks? I use Amazon’s CreateSpace, based here in my new hometownof Charleston. Of course, there are several quality publishers to choosefrom—CreateSpace doesn’t have a lock on the market.
What has worked bestto boost sales?
Everytime a book blog prints a positive review or invites me to write a post there’sa surge in sales. Not that I’m focused on short-term results. I writecontemporary fiction bordering on literary and strive, with every book released,to expand a loyal readership. As any financially secure novelist will tell you,it’s all about building a backlist. I’ll release my third novel, Second Chance Grill, in April.
How has socialnetworking and blogging affected your sales?
Socialnetworking is an important driver of sales. I believe firmly in Good AuthorKarma and try to give back every day. Other authors will help you succeed if you do the same for them on Twitter,GoodReads, Facebook, Google+ and your blog.
Onecaveat: As your readership and following grow, social media can get out ofhand. Limit your exposure. Know that you can’t respond to every post thatmentions you. Always respond to your readers, of course, but fiercely guardyour writing hours. You must continueto produce or readers will forget you.
What advice can youlend new Indie Authors?
Don’tpublish a novel that’s thin on plot, littered with clichés and poorly edited.If you’re serious about a publishing career, you should be familiar with thesuperb Stein on Writing by Sol Steinand the equally information BreakoutNovelist by Donald Maass. Strunk & White’s Elements of Style and Elementsof Grammar should sit on your bookshelf. And if you’ve been writing in acave, consider joining a critique group. You need the company and feedback ofother serious writers to help you achieve your dreams.


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