Book Review: Reunion by Jeff Bennington

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today I finished reading Reunion by Jeff Bennington. In this story, it begins with a Colombine-esque school shooting.  The shooter is a very troubled teen who takes his own life during after the shooting.  From there, the story fast forwards to twenty years later catching up with several of the former students present at the shooting. Many of them find they are still suffering from some sort of PTSD or feel they need some kind of closure, so they return to their school, which is now closed down, for a final class reunion.

Once they arrive at the school, they find a string of supernatural occurrences. Some of them are deadly.  They think it’s the ghost of David Ray, the shooter, but the story unfolds in a series of different twists and turns.  Overall the story was well paced.  The characters were well done and it offered a lot of good insight and internal dialogue about dealing with such a tragedy and how different people cope over the years.  Some of the dialogue between characters was a bit over the top, and even cheesy; especially toward the end.


Biggest problem I had was at the end regarding David Ray’s soul.  He was “given” to demons as a child, and now these spirits were fighting for his soul which they were later granted.  I guess I felt a better ending would have been some sort of redemption for the guy.  As we learn about him leading up to the shooting, his life had been nothing but a path of pain, suffering and even torture.  He was terrorized by his dad, beaten by his step dad and bullied at school.  Hard to believe despite his horrible final act, he is still doomed to hell without ever really having a fair shake at life.  Just my final thoughts there.

Over all I would give the book 4 out of 5 stars.  Enjoyable and quick read, doesn’t bog down too much, but tries to be preachy and poetic at times.


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