Pastor Charlie Journal Entry #2

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Another Sunday:

Today preached my sermon about being two faced.  The world is full of two faced Christians.  However I am the worse of them.  If the world knew my secret, they would cast me out for sure.  Yet I’m so sure that God has led me to do His work in secret, how could it be wrong?  

People do their sins in secret, awful things, horrible things.  God reveals these thing to me so I can send the sinner straight to hell.  I know it’s what God wants, yet no one can know. Not even my Christian brothers and sisters.

So I stand at the pulpit today, chastising them for having their double lives that everyone has.  While I go on about mine.  This is the dilemma I face with each message.  God reveals to me the sinners, and he reveals to me my sermons.  Perhaps this is his way of toying with me.  Some would say I’m a mad man.  I know this is not true.

I am God’s anointed.  He has given me his mantle, his blessing.  I am the Hand of God.

–Pastor C


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