The Point of Beauty

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

We all love beautiful people, lets admit it.  I know I’m no different than most guys.  I’m a sucker for a pretty girl.  When we look at any shows we watch, they are filled with beautiful people.  Look at the show CSI for example.  I’ve worked at police departments and no one in any crime lab looks like that bunch.  But that’s TV. We expect to see beautiful people on TV.  There is nothing wrong with being attractive.  Many are born that way, some go to great lengths to achieve it.

What do we do when we meet someone who is beautiful?  I’ve seen shows where they have done studies.  They had an attractive girl on a corner asking for directions, then a less attractive girl later asking.  The attractive girl got a lot more help.  People offered her rides, to buy her dinner or gave her phone numbers.  The less attractive girl had a hard time even getting anyone to tell her anything.  They did the same thing with attractive males and got the same results.  We’ve all known pretty girls who get pulled over, and manage to get off with a warning where a guy is just going to get a ticket.  When you go out to eat, you are more likely to give a pretty waitress a bigger tip, even if her service did suck.

The handful of times I ever went to Hooters I learned that quickly.   The couple times I’d been there, the waitresses acted as if they’d rather drink acid than be there waiting on me.  Yet for some reason, I found myself wanting to leave a $5.00 tip, though I did stop myself.  I went back weeks later to see if it was just that girl on that day.  Sure enough the next one was that way, then the next one.  Either that place really sucks to work at, or there is something about the girls who choose to work there.

Many times, guys especially will elevate beautiful people.  We will place them on a pedestal simply due to their looks.  I’ve known many men in miserable marriages or relationships to a stunningly beautiful woman, but this person was not a very nice person.  Not saying this is always the case.  I know many attractive men and women who are great people, I’m just speaking on the surface here.  A few of my friends who are very attractive get upset because they are also incredibly smart, yet no one recognizes  nor cares about their brains.

People who are born “beautiful” grow up that way and from early stages in life realize people treat them differently.  People are quicker to do favors for them, boys want to carry the pretty girl’s books in class.  The pretty girls get picked for the cheerleading squad.  Both guys and girls have latched on to a beautiful person as a friend, maybe hoping for more, only to be treated as if they barely existed, yet they keep coming back for more and more.  Why?  Maybe it’s a physiological reaction, you see someone who is attractive and it stirs some specific reaction in you.  Maybe it’s more.  I’m not a doctor, but it would make sense.

I have a few friends on facebook who do modeling.  They’ve had some creepers and stalkers, and they just roll with it, expecting some will act odd.  Others are more perplexing.  They either want to be a model or used to be or are trying to be, they post provocative photos then when guys comment with or without getting nasty, they freak at guys creeping.  To me it seems like if that’s a concern, make your page private or stop posting pictures.

Fact is this: Beautiful people are just that, people.  They were born the way they are, some are good people, some not so good.  The best thing we can do for them, and ourselves is to judge them by what is on the inside, not the outside.  In doing so, we might meet some less attractive people who are pretty spectacular people.  We will also find some attractive folks who are spectacular as well.  Worshipping a girl just because of her looks will set you up for nothing but pain and misery.  Even if that girl is just a friend.  Judge people by their actions.  If you have a pretty waitress tip her for the job she did,  not for her cup size. If you’re dating someone, I don’t care how beautiful he/she is, if they don’t treat you like the most important person in their life, then you need to find someone else.  I remember one girl I worked with after a fight with her boyfriend years ago, she made a statement saying “I don’t know why he thought I treated him so bad, I would go out in public with him!”  As if her allowing him to be seen with her was some great blessing she was bestowing upon him.  It was good he got away from her.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts.  If anyone has comments feel free to leave them.  This was just something that had been on my mind lately and I see it more and more in the social networking sites.  Thank you all for reading.


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