Boycott Amazon? Are you Kidding?

Posted: December 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

This past week I read this article in the Huffington Post stating we as consumers should boycott Amazon.  Why?  Because big mean now has an app that encourages shoppers to go into brick and mortar stores, scan prices with their phone and find the same item for less on Amazon through their app.

This apparently has brick and mortar retailers pretty fired up.  Even politicians are mad calling this aggressive marketing an “attack” on their communities.  I found this whole thing rather laughable to be honest.  Big box retailers are angry because now someone is doing to them what they’ve been doing to small retailers for years.

First off, using my old cell phone store as an example.  I was a Verizon Wireless independent dealer.  There were many times customers came to my store because someone at VZW customer service, or even at Wal-Mart or Best Buy would tell them to come to my store, look at the phones and have me answer all their questions, so they could go back and buy it there at a lower price.  A price I could not afford to match.

In this article, retailers accuse Amazon of using local stores as a “showroom.”  Well many of these stores have done the same thing for years to small businesses.  These same stores also defended their own practices for years when putting small, local businesses under.  Saying it was just changes to the market/economy and that’s just how things go in capitalism.  Well, looks like the pendulum is swinging away from them for a change.

In one article I had read Wal-Mart of all places was crying about it not being fair that Amazon doesn’t have to charge sales tax the way they do and that hurts their business.  Really?  Wal-Mart complaining about someone else hurting their business?  Sounds like we got some Pot & Kettle action going on there.

Fact is, I love Amazon.  Many authors do, many people do.  I mostly buy books there, but sometimes I get other things there as well.  I got my smartphone there for .01.  Can’t beat it.  I love their Kindle devices, and their customer services has been amazing anytime I have needed to contact them.

Years ago I had bought the original Kindle, the real expensive one.  I had it for two weeks, but didn’t care for it for what I had spent.  I called them and they sent me a return kit.  I sent it back and they refunded the Kindle and all the books I’d bought on it.  Hard to beat that.

Fact is, Amazon has a business model that has revolutionized retail as we know it.  Much like what Netflix had done to Blockbuster, the big box stores don’t know what to do with it unless they revamp their entire business model to keep up, which will cost them tons.  These places have fleeced consumers for years.  Now that there is a better option they are crying about it instead of dealing with it.

Anyway, such is my thoughts on the matter.  I will not be closing my Amazon account anytime soon.  If Amazon works for you, I suggest we as consumers keep using the only power we truly have: our money.


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